Gimnazjum nr 16 im. MariiKonopnickiej. Sosnowiec

It is a well known center placed in the industrial area and large mining tradition called Silesia. It has about 60 teachers and 600 students aged between 13 and 16 years. The school gives great importance to the teaching of foreign languages and students can choose between three languages: English, French and German.
In addition, teachers and students participate in a lot of different social activities among which are: sports tournaments, charity, environmental actions … At the same time, they are very interested in their students are fully cognizant of their life and history local so involved in trips and visits to local industrial monuments such as coal mines, silver salt and other factories of heavy industry.

In addition students regularly attend theater performances and participate in lectures at the University of Silesia in Katowice. That is why the center has a variety of additional activities to develop these interests such as theater group, dance group, environmental group, film club, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, fitness classes gymnastics.

There are a lot of active students in the school and social life, and through this project will gain new experiences and improve their understanding, respect and tolerance for other cultures so different from the Polish community.

Finally, indicate that the main objectives of the center can be highlighted: encouraging students to learn foreign languages, develop cooperative work, work with creative and innovative methodologies, develop links with other European centers and promote the use of ICT as a tool to improve academic achievement and learning skills.