IES. AlAndalus. Almuñecar. (Spain)

Al Andalus high school is a public institution placed in Almuñécar, a town belonging to the Tropical cost of Granada. It was created in 1978 as a section of Vocational Training and is a Secondary School since 1992. During this course 2015/16 the institution has 47 teachers and a total of 475 students. The staff of administrative and service staff is composed of two ordinances, two administratives four cleaners and one specific support monitor in the classroom.
The current training offer is as follows:
– Compulsory Secondary Education.
– Curricular Diversification 4th ESO.
– Modalities of baccaulerant:
Tecnologic scientist
social Sciences
-Cycles Training Middle Grade:
Technician electrical equipment and installations
Management Information Systems.
-1st Course of Basic Training.
-2nd Course of Basic Training.

Specific -Special Education class.

In addition, Al-Andalus secondary education is a Spanish-English bilingual center since 7 years, including secondary and high schools, and are scheduled to be multilingual center with French.
It is also an ICT center and also develops an intense work-sharing plans and projects of the Andalusian and conducts a wide range of extracurricular and complementary activities by all teaching departments.

The institute, placed in a coastal area is characterized by its mild climate, has attracted students from foreign families settled in the area. The provision in the town center also provides students from disadvantaged social backgrounds and students of SDN (Special Educational Needs). These characteristics, together with the educational supply and implementation of bilingualism, has sought us a kind of increasingly diverse student body and that must be addressed by providing quality education in line with current needs.

In addition to bilingualism, the variety of its student body and associated with intense extracurricular activity, the attraction of internationalization in this center has been a constant; there have been concerns openness to Europe for many years, materialized in school exchanges with several UK centers and cultural projects in Italy. Nowadays this element is considered as a necessity.