IES. Antonio Cavín. Almagro (Spain)

IES. Antonio Cavín. Almagro (Spain)

The I.E.S. “Antonio Calvín” is located in the Almagro town, 25 kms from Ciudad Real. The main building of the secondary school “Antonio Calvín”, was acquired by the Government in 2005, is a Dominicos´ building converted in occupational training in1974, date of commencement of their academic activity center. Moreover our Center started his career as a center not only vocational training but also secondary school at the beginning of the 1980s. In this way, currently we have teachings of: compulsory secondary education, secondary education (science, social sciences and Humanities), basic occupational training and occupational training both mid-grade as superior in the families of administration – finance and wood – furniture.

STUDENTS: The Center usually counts with an annual registration of approximately 450 students. The public primary school “Diego de Almagro” brings the greatest number of students (due to its proximity) but in addition, the Centre also receives students from other towns like Granátula and Valenzuela de Calatrava, Moral de Calatrava and Bolaños (accessing the latter mainly high school and occupational training). The Center also is home to students of other nationalities, mainly from South America and North Africa, the percentage of these students does not exceed 5% which is in line with the percentage of immigration that the town records. The results analyzed in the surveys reveal that the Most fathers and mothers show a high degree of satisfaction with the Center and recognized as one of its main concerns the importance that has the education of their children as well as opening up to the outside, the languages teaching and the involvement of the education sector in search of new methodological ways that allow to improve the education of their children.

SOCIAL CONTEXT: The Almagro population approaching 9,000 inhabitants and has an agrarian economy but there are also industries installed in the vicinity, the most important being those dedicated to the wood processing and agricultural products, especially the eggplant. Another sector that underpins the Almagro economy is hospitality and tourism, mainly in the summer months thanks to the International Classical Theatre Festival. Almagro is known as the city of the theatre, in addition to the aforementioned Festival, has another Festival, The Contemporary Latin American Theatre, the National of classical theatre Museum and numerous tourist attractions related to this art. You can also visit its beautiful streets and Manchego corners, courtyards, cloisters and churches, museums that show some of their traditions as the Lace or the Ethnographic Museum, contemporary art works in the art space and one of the most visited attraction which is The Corral de Comedias in the XVI century, located in the Plaza Mayor.