IIS. Codogno. Codogno. (Italy)


The “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore di Codogno” (IIS Codogno) is a technical and vocational school placed in Codogno, a small town close Milan in northern Italy. Its students are between the ages of 14-19 years and nowdays the center has an approximate number of 760. IIS Codogno consists of three different schools: Istituto Ambrosoli and Calamandrei, located in Codogno, and the Istituto Merli-Villa Igea located in Lodi. This fact makes dealing with an institution that offers a wide range of learning opportunities: business and management, fashion and design at the Istituto Calamandrei; automobile mechanics, technical assistance and maintenance at the Istituto Ambrosoli, kitchen, bakery and agriculture in the Istituto Merli-Villa Igea.

All students are involved in learning and school practices and has cooperation agreements with public agencies, universities and companies for their professional development. In addition, students also participate in projects aimed at the local community, such as courses to teach technology to older people or to help immigrants to learn Italian as a second language and other volunteer activities of several kinds. In addition to this, the IIS Codogno has recently been appointed as a center for the promotion of legality.