SKoerpingSkole. Skorping (Denmark)

Skørping School is situated in the city of Skørping (around 2900  citizens) in the Northern part of Denmark. Some of the School’s main values are the support of pupils ability to think and act independently, be creative and become as skilled as they possibly can.

The school has around 780 pupils, 9 grades, 35 classes and 100 employees (65 advanced teachers, 30 teachers and 5 technical/administrative workers). The pupils are from 6-16 years of age, and 45 of them are children with special needs.

Skørping School was founded in 1937 and has expanded a lot over the years. The school do at all time put in an effort to develop and welcome new ideas and projects. From the schools point of view one of the best way to do so, is to get inspiration and knowledge through networking with players both inside and outside the field of education, nationally and internationally.